Womens Watches For Busy Professionals

When busy professionals think about putting together an outfit, theyre looking for both style and function and this is especially true for busy professional women. Women want to look nice, but when theyre running around day in and day out, they also need clothing and accessories that are easy to wear and are highly functional.

Watches are one of those accessories/jewelry items that can pull double duty theyre stylish, yet theyre also extremely functional. Telling time with a cell phone might be the way of the future, but the great thing about a watch is that it can replace a bracelet or other jewelry. A great watch doesnt just tell time, it also makes a statement.

Timepieces are important to busy professionals, to whom it is of most importance to stay on time in their busy schedules. Whether youre dropping the kids off for school in the morning or making that 9 AM business meeting with a tray of coffees in hand or picking up your husband from the train after a business trip, staying on top of the time is important, and a great watch will help keep you on time and organized.

For the ultra fabulous working woman, consider a glamorous Guess timepiece. With a gold tone stainless steel case and a black dial, this watch will look great with your classic Chanel suits and your little black dresses, alike, for a night out with the hubby. With a black chain link stainless steel bracelet, Swiss Quartz powers this watch.

Black and gold are two of the most functional and smart colors around gold, as a medal, practically signifies that youre fun and interesting, and lets face it, black goes with anything. In short, this watch is great for the working woman who wants something pretty and sophisticated enough to make a fashion statement, but who ultimately just needs to know the date and time at any time, anywhere.

For those looking for something a bit simpler, consider a watch that looks great for any occasion, like a silver Gucci timepiece with a round silver-tone stainless steel case housing a silver-tone carbon fiber dial. This watch has a silver stainless steel bracelet that is slim and classic looking. It attaches to your wrist and features a large enough face to make a fashion statement without seeming too young or overly ostentatious.

This watch is great for the busy businesswoman who is also juggling her family life at home. Think lawyer, with her wide-leg black pants and Tucker blouse. Shes sophisticated but never tries too hard. If thats the look youre going for, consider a watch like this one.Michael Kors also makes a bevy of great watches for busy professionals, all of which are at once functional and fashionable.

This is a gold stainless steel watch with a large chain link bracelet and an oversized face with an ivory dial and a date window and three subdials. The gold tone of this timepiece gives it an aged yet timeless feel like its at once antique and classic and also utterly modern. Gold is generally thought of as a bit louder than silver and so for this reason, this watch is probably better for those with less businesslike positions.

PR people, those in the fashion industrythis is your watch: Classic and gorgeous but also unlike all the other gold watches out there.Another great option is a stainless steel watch thats done in rose gold. This watch is great for busy creative types who tend to think outside of the box and like to stand out. This isnt the kind of watch that the girl next to you on the train will have its geared toward a specific woman who values individuality and great craftsmanship.

This piece is also beloved for its simplicity; it boasts an ivory dial, three subdials and rose gold-tone hands and markers. This watch is elegant and is sure to stand out, which makes it a great gift for a busy professional woman or a great investment for a woman who buys it for herself. The rose gold color makes it function extremely well as a piece of jewelry, in addition to the functionality of the timepiece.

As you can see, its quite easy to find great watches for busy professionals. Women often assume that if theyre going to buy a watch, it has to be either fashionable or functional they forget that they can get both! But the truth is that there are lots of great watches out there that are both. You can get something that will help keep you on time and organized in your busy professional life that will also look great and will function as an extra piece of jewelry! What are you waiting for? The perfect watch is waiting for you!