Cashmere Heartland 100% Cashmere Clothing For Men And Women

The most recognizable feature of Cashmere is its fine texture, and a fabric that is strong and light in weight with a soft feel. The name Cashmere comes from Kashmir, a Northwestern region of the Indian subcontinent and the wool is derived from the Cashmere and other goats.
Although its soft and light, it offers excellent insulation against cold. The United States under the U.S Wool Products Labeling Act of 1939 as amended (15 U.S.C Section 68b (a) (6)) which states that a wool or textile product may not be labeled as containing Cashmere unless the product contains fibers from a Cashmere goat. There are other specifications regarding the fiber under this act. Cashmere Heartland is a Cashmere Store in Philadelphia that has 100% Cashmere knitted Cashmere Sweaters, cardigans and other accessories. Cashmere Heartland is dedicated to providing the best Cashmere products that are soft, warm and excel in beauty.
Our Cardigans come in many colors, styles and are made for both women and men. You can wear these by themselves or even over a shirt but whatever way you wear it, it always looks stylish. Men can wear their Mens Cashmere Sweaters on jeans or khakis or whatever you like as these are a popular fashion item today. Cashmere Sweater is fashionable wear and Cashmere Heartland brings you the latest style and fit that is perfect for your office or holiday.
Cashmere Heartland brings you Cashmere Clothing with Mens Cashmere Sweaters and Womens Cashmere Sweaters and cardigans in many styles like V neck, Polo neck, turtleneck, etc. We also bring you Jackets and other accessories. Cashmere Heartland is committed to bringing you comfort, value for money and big savings on our 100% pure Cashmere Sweaters. When you order online from Cashmere Heartland, you can be sure of the privacy of all your information and we are totally committed to the security of your data.
If some Cashmere Heartland product is shipped to you with a wrong size or wrong color or you just dont feel comfortable wearing it, we would be happy to refund or exchange any item if you return it to us in its good condition folded neatly with its tags of course and in the original packing. What if you like our product but live outside US, then we would like to tell you that we ship Cashmere Clothing to most major countries of the world. And if you are sending it as a gift, we can even gift wrap it for you. Cashmere Store accepts all major cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal.