Women’s Fashion Trend

In the first 10 years of 20th century, women’s fashion dress always has a tight waist and tight sleeves or the length of skirt is very long. Fashionable women who were often in social occasions would wear tight lingerie and men’s like jacket cover with gorgeous hat.

From 1911 to 1920 period, women’s fashion clothing changes to popular narrow and straight skirt with the suitable waistband, or wearing fur hair ornaments. Small hat and handbag are of course very necessary to fashionable women. With the promotion of women’s status, fashion clothing’s decoration becomes more complicated, and skirts are also shorter than the past 10 years. The skirts are decorated by a lot of studded overhangs and look just like the pleated lotus leaf with the shiny beads and tassels. If the girl wears such a skirt to join the dinner party, she may wear a soft wool cape which will make her perfect.

As more and more women go out to take part in the outdoor activity, women’s tacksuit has been a leader of the fashion trend. During early 1930s the Great Depression, the fashion industry suffered a heavy strike and experienced the difficult times, many women’s dresses with the old fashion changed absolutely. With economic recovery and women’s new fashion trend beginning, the skirts worn in the day are almost calf-length skirts, but the evening dresses are longer.

During 1940s the fashion trend is still prevalent padded coat and short jacket. Although the skirts’ lengths are changeable, the slim waist is always fashionable. In late 1940s, bikini, jeans, and large size sweater became popular, which makes women feel more self-aware.

In 1950s because of the developed economy and well-off life people have more time and more energy to focus on fashion. Thus women’s dress shows a variety of colors, but the dress’s length is not fixed. And women’s fashion clothing can be elegant and fit tailored business wear, or relaxing tracksuit. In 1960s, the modern style prevailed, women’s fashion clothing which are particularly long or short, such as “mini”, sleeveless shirts and shorts are very popular in the winter. In 1970s, the jump-suit is also very fashionable, and the flat shoes replace the high-heel shoes. In 1980s women’s mass market brands make women’s fashion into an unexpected period of development.

In the late 1990s, fashion stops here and looks back, absorbing nutrients of the past 90 years, from the decadent period, such as “hippies” and the so-called “yuppies”, we can learn a lot from them. The women’s fashionable dresses can always show a diversity of ways. If you are a modern confident woman, you will be able to find a suitable space in the vast world of fashion.